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LUCIDUV Portable Purifier

Portable yet very effective. Took it to our 5-night trip. It was very quiet and worked very well in our rooms. Just ordered 4 more for our family and friends.
Highly recommended.

review the portable UV air purifier

When I bought this product I thought it was pretty bulky for the wall outlet. I can say that it does it job for cleaning the air. Thank you

Clarifion and other lucid portable UV it help fresh air it great too.

It look good clean air and breathing air great better than before pandemic gone. I love it.

Great air purifiers with uvc light technology!

I'm very happy with these purifiers, compact and well built, I can easily move the purifiers from room to room and I know they will come in very handy for me on my upcoming trip. This will make me feel safer having to travel and stay at a hotel for a few days. A great addition to my list of necessities!

Small yet powerful!

Originally heard about Lucid from my coworkers, great piece of gadgetry to help disinfect the air from any unwanted germs or potential viruses. It's not until last week I discovered another great perk of these purifiers - my mom is allergic to my dogs and every time she comes over to visit, her eyes & nose would get very irritated & itchy even after I've let the dogs out. She came over last week and this time her allergies didn't bother her! This is when I realized its because I had the purifiers running in my house. A great surprise and I'm very impressed.

Helps me sleep better!

I have a very sensitive nose so I notice a positive difference in my air quality after getting these purifiers. Runs quietly and I've been sleeping a lot better since I got them. Sleek design and can be plugged in anywhere to leave them to work their magic! Sanitizes the air and deodorizes at the same time!

Works well!

This uv purifier is most efficient in a small sized room, the uv light inside works against any unpleasant odor from cooking, pets or airborne bacteria/virus. Works really well for my family. Very satisfied with this purchase

Purchased this set for my salon right before re-opening as an extra safety precaution. My clients and employees feel safer knowing that I have taken this extra step to make sure the indoor air inside the salon is completely sanitized. Everyone's remaining healthy so far and I plan on getting 2 more for my own home too!

Compact & Pluggable

Compact and pluggable, easy to set up and no cords to worry about. Runs quietly and I noticed a difference only after 3 days of using the purifiers, my allergies are not bothering me as much anymore.

Extra protection to my family

As a healthcare worker having to keep working during the pandemic, I worry about my family's wellbeing constantly. My workplace has been using UV-C disinfection technology for years and I wanted to find a suitable device for my home environment as well. Very happy to have come across Lucid's website. These purifiers are perfect for my home and offers my family an extra layer of protection. It's a simple and cost effective insurance to add to my home and I'll be purchasing a couple more for my son who is getting ready to move back to college.

Exactly what I was looking for, perfect to keep in bathrooms and kitchen! Very stylish design and looks great in a home. Works effectively as described. The virus & germs elimination functionality of the uvc bulb gives my family a peace of mind. Easy to set up and fans run quietly.

Safe & Effective

I work in a dental office and we ordered 10 Lucid uv purifiers for the whole dental practice. We keep one in every room of the practice including our reception area, treatment rooms, washrooms, our offices + employee break areas. The purifiers make our patients and employees feel safe during these uncertain times and they work as described. This is our extra assurance to make sure the air in our dental operation stays 100% clean and free of viruses. Recommend this to any business owners having to keep their businesses open during lockdown.

Works for dog odors

I'm a new pet owner and very glad I stumbled across Lucid's website. My roommate has been complaining about dog odors in our shared living room ever since I got my new puppy. Lucid saved me some roommate conflicts in this case, works pretty well on removing the dog smell from our living spaces and my roommate hasn't said anything since I got the purifiers so it's been good!

Keeps my condo smelling fresh

Great customer service and fast shipping! Sarah answered all my questions and helped me with my order. I'm keeping one plugged in in the kitchen, one in my living room and another in my bedroom. Love the trio option and the savings on the bundle :)

Kept 3 purifiers for the house and my son took 2 purifiers with him back to his college dorm. Good for keeping the odors at bay, safe design with the uv bulb sealed within, energy efficient & modern.

Bang for your buck!

This bundle set is great, you get 5 purifiers for the price of a normal stationary purifier.
Pros: - pluggable, no cords to trip over
- nice design, look good in the house
- quiet fan and low maintenance, no need to change filter
- cost efficient in the long run (no need for filter but also low energy cost)

Cons: - wish I had more outlets to plug them in lol, I would get more for the house but 10 is a bit overboard!

Helps with kitty litter smell!

I live in a shared house and have to keep the cat litter box in my closet, this purifier has helped tremendously with the kitty litter smell. Helps me get some air circulation in the room plus makes me feel quite secure knowing it's actively working to kill any bacteria + virus in the air. Great product and love the design!

Perfect for any condo/apartment!

I got this bundle for my two-bedroom apartment and the purifiers help me get the perfect purification coverage in my home. I like the versatility of the plug-in design so I can unplug and rotate the purifiers in different places of the apartment. I like to keep one plugged in near my bed since I suffer from pretty severe seasonal allergies, this air purifier helps me breathe better at night when I'm asleep. Good for bathroom odors and kitchen cooking smells too!

Looks Great & Notice a Big Difference!

My daughter recommended this air purifier to me because she was worried about me living in an apartment building with shared A/C during covid. I have to say I notice a big difference in my indoor air quality with this unit plugged in. It's very energy efficient and fan is very quiet. I can smell the air is fresher in my bedroom where the purifier is plugged in and my seasonal allergies didn't bother me as much since I started using this purifier. Very attentive customer services as well, answered all my questions quickly.

Lucid is simple and affordable but still works effectively. For the cost of one overpriced purifier which doesn’t even work that well, I was able to get 4 of these for my house and save money in the process. Now this is a product I can get behind! My wife loves them too!

Anyone with a fur ball knows the struggle when it comes to pet odor and I have to say Lucid does the trick. Definitely recommend this to any cat mommas out there like myself! I now keep mine permanently plugged in near the litter box and haven’t had any issues since.

I have a real problem sleeping at night, especially during allergy season. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my home’s air quality since I started using Lucid and a dramatic decrease in my allergy symptoms. I’ve tried plenty of air purifiers over the years but its small size and the fact that I don’t have to constantly change filters on the device is what sold me. It makes me feel safe and looks fantastic!

Loving mine so far! Thanks!

Ships fast, great customer support.

Does a better job than any big air purifiers I’ve purchased in the past!

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