LUCID™ Full House Bundle - Set of 5 Portable UV Air Purifier

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Features & Benefits

  • LUCID™ UV helps kill 99.9% of airborne viruses, harmful bacteria, mold spores, allergens & lingering odors.

  • Titanium Dioxide housing enhances odor fighting efficiency to eliminate unwanted smells from pets, cigarette smoke, cooking fumes, diapers and more.

  • Modern compact design featuring 180 degree rotatable plug, filterless, 100% Ozone free & chemical free.

  • Perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, litter boxes, laundry rooms, or baby nurseries. 

Multi-Room Versatility

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Pet Pack

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  • Perfect for any pet owner

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Full House


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  • Complete Home Set

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Apartment Plus

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  • Complete Apartment Set

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Produced with the highest grade materials and manufacturing standards 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Shiu W.L.L.
review the portable UV air purifier

When I bought this product I thought it was pretty bulky for the wall outlet. I can say that it does it job for cleaning the air. Thank you

Esther C.
Small yet powerful!

Originally heard about Lucid from my coworkers, great piece of gadgetry to help disinfect the air from any unwanted germs or potential viruses. It's not until last week I discovered another great perk of these purifiers - my mom is allergic to my dogs and every time she comes over to visit, her eyes & nose would get very irritated & itchy even after I've let the dogs out. She came over last week and this time her allergies didn't bother her! This is when I realized its because I had the purifiers running in my house. A great surprise and I'm very impressed.

Ann J.

Purchased this set for my salon right before re-opening as an extra safety precaution. My clients and employees feel safer knowing that I have taken this extra step to make sure the indoor air inside the salon is completely sanitized. Everyone's remaining healthy so far and I plan on getting 2 more for my own home too!

Lynda P.
Safe & Effective

I work in a dental office and we ordered 10 Lucid uv purifiers for the whole dental practice. We keep one in every room of the practice including our reception area, treatment rooms, washrooms, our offices + employee break areas. The purifiers make our patients and employees feel safe during these uncertain times and they work as described. This is our extra assurance to make sure the air in our dental operation stays 100% clean and free of viruses. Recommend this to any business owners having to keep their businesses open during lockdown.

Jay S.

Kept 3 purifiers for the house and my son took 2 purifiers with him back to his college dorm. Good for keeping the odors at bay, safe design with the uv bulb sealed within, energy efficient & modern.

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